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Dr. Ali Sarreshtehdari’s Applied Fluid Mechanics Researches Group & Laboratory


Welcome to Applied Fluid Mechanics Researches (AFMR) center. The Applied Fluid Mechanics Researches (AFMR) Center aims to investigate fluid mechanic with emphasize on their scientific-industrial applications, Researches in Fluid mechanics, fluid flows and multiphase flows are main interesting fields in this center. This center is interested in developing their activities with industrial and worldwide collaborations

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Experimental Approaches

Small scale analysis, Flow properties measurements, Image processing methods

Modeling Approaches

Engineering soft wares (Salome, Gerris) Open source resources development (OpenFoam), Computer code development

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PhD/Master Courses

Management of Technology Transfer, Seminar, Turbulence, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Thermodynamics, Solar Energy Application, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Numerical Methods

Bachelor Courses

Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics I, Fluid Mechanics II, Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics

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